Organizational Resources

Resources that we can offer organizations to better help those with mental illness and their loved ones.

1. Special Speakers on Mental Illness
We have a lineup of special speakers that can come to your church and give a sermon or presentation on what it is like to live with a mental illness. We can tailor our presentation to your time commitments and what you are doing in any given service.

  1. Gatherings on Mental Illness
    We can host a gathering on mental illness at your church. This gathering is led by Here/Hear. We guide a discussion using our insight and expertise. However, we recognize that every church, city, town, county, etc. has a different context; so, it is imperative that the work of Here/Hear fits within your world. Thus, there is a lot of dialogue trying to figure out how to help those with mental illness where you are.
  1. Peer-to-Peer Support Groups
    We can also help you set up peer-to-peer support groups. These groups are meant to be supportive of those with a mental illness by offering a safe space where they can come and share about their struggles. A typical groups would have the following: first, go around and introduce ourselves so if names are forgotten or their are new people, they don’t feel odd; second, there is a time of meditation, or mindfulness; third, we will use a bible verse to guide the time of sharing. This leads to the time of sharing, but it does not have to be centered on one idea. It can go wherever, offering everyone the chance to speak. End with a time where everyone writes down one thing they are going to do in light of the group.
  1. Suicide Awareness and Intervention Training
    Our Executive Director, Nate Crawford, is certified by the QPR Institute to be both an interventionist when it comes to people who might be suffering from suicidal thoughts or ideation and trained to teach others in how to be aware of the different signs that are present in regards to a suicidal person. Nate can develop the curriculum to fit your organization so that you get the most out of this training.

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