Our Mission

To give hope to those with mental illness and their loved ones

Hope with Mental Illness

We are here

We believe it takes a community to help bring hope to those with mental illness and to help those suffering with their recovery. We also believe we can act as a catalyst to those with mental illness and those who do not understand it. We want to spur people on to action, whether that means getting help, loving someone, encouraging someone else to seek help, or just talking to a friend.

We hear

We believe that people need to be heard. So, we work to train people to HEAR those with mental illness, to listen intently, to ask questions, and to engage. In doing so, we believe that we can help those with mental illness and their loved ones while also intervening in situations that may lead to self-harm or suicide. Hearing someone gives them hope!

Listening to One with Mental Illness



We work with a number of educational initiatives in order to help with mental health. This includes doing things like speaking to middle school and high school students about mental illness to writing mentoring curriculum that can be used between students and a staff person.


We also talk to parents about mental illness and create content for the web that helps people navigate the issues surrounding mental illness. We are also trained by QPR to due suicide awareness and prevention training.


We help people, community organizations, and communities themselves set up peer-to-peer support groups that can be utilized for anyone going through a hard time. These are especially helpful for those with mental illness.


We believe that music and the arts provide a great way to engage people in conversations about mental illness and mental health. We use these to draw crowds and to express what people are feeling.

Hear someone with mental illness

We are advocates

From finding the right counselor, taking someone out for coffee, or calling a Councilperson, Senator, or Representative,  we are HERE for you.

Standing Together

We are supporters

Through peer-to-peer support groups, we support people through their recovery using meditation/mindfulness, discussion, and reflection. We also support by providing content and resources for recovery.

Messy artist

We create

Art and creativity evoke a response and emotion from people. We use art, music, and creativity in general to explore and learn about ourselves. We believe art and music brings hope to people.

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