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We are a nonprofit founded in 2016. As a nonprofit, we work to advocate and educate, to support, and to create. All of this is done to give hope to those with mental illness and their loved ones.

Life Helpers

We know it is difficult to live with mental illness or to be the one who cares for those with mental illness. We are here to be a support and help, giving hope when it feels as if there might not be any.

Content Creators

We believe part of giving hope to those with mental illness and their loved ones is to offer resources. We do this by maintaining a strong blog, podcast, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. We want to be HERE for you.

We Go

We go into schools and community organizations to talk about suicide and mental illness and bullying and the like. We help people with suicide awareness and prevention, along with having an active presence for support groups. All of this gives hope to those who may not have it.

Our Story

Since his childhood, our founder Nate Crawford has struggled with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. He always thought that it was normal for this to occur. After years of struggling, and almost losing his marriage, he was finally diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder at the age of 32. After a few years of working on his recovery, he made the decision that it was time to give back by raising awareness, advocating for himself and others like him, offering support to people like his wife, and showing that there is hope available.

During this time, he began to brainstorm with friends about what could be done. At the same time, a popular high school athlete in Nate’s hometown died by suicide. It was a real shock to the community. So, Nate and a friend decided to hold a discussion on mental illness and suicide. Nate shared his experiences with being bipolar, struggling through junior high and high school with depression and suicidal thoughts, and the like. A counselor, Nate’s friend shared more clinical expertise. It all made for not only an informative session, but one that gave hope to people that needed it. A seed was planted in Nate’s mind for what was possible to help those with mental illness and their loved ones.

A few months later, Nate had major back surgery and was sitting in a chair most of the day. This gave him the opportunity to begin organizing his thoughts and putting together what would be Here/Hear. He talked to some friends, got some advice, talked to others who were struggling with mental illness, discussed with caregivers, and finally launched a website for Here/Hear in March 2016.

From there, the organization turned from just Nate to a “we”, including some friends and other people committed to doing the work of bringing hope to those with mental illness. In 2016, Here/Hear was certified as a nonprofit 501c3 in the United States. And, in September of 2016, Here/Hear held its first Hear Festival, a music and arts festival that advocates for those with mental illness, educating people, and using art as a means to help all people. In December of 2016 Here/Hear launched a podcast aimed at educating on mental illness, advocating for those with mental illness and their loved ones, and being a source of hope for all people who struggle.

In all, Here/Hear’s work is to bring hope to people who often have no hope. Our story is really just beginning. We look forward to putting together material, support groups, art, and anything else that will work to bring hope into what are seemingly hopeless situations. We aim to always, with all of our work, to bring hope to those with mental illness and their loved ones.

Nate Crawford

Nate Crawford

Founder and Executive Director

Nate Crawford is the Founder and Executive Director of Here/Hear. He lives with bipolar 2 disorder, as well as an anxiety disorder. He has struggled with mental illness for as long as he can remember. His work with Here/Hear derives from his experience with mental illness.

In a previous life, Nate was an academic, with a Ph.D. in Theology from Loyola University Chicago. He has taught at various schools across the world. He has also worked in churches and other nonprofits. All of this experience led to his ability to found and run Here/Hear.

Currently, Nate lives in Northern Indiana with his wife and three sons and their dog. He enjoys playing his bass and guitar, painting, reading, watching movies, and seeing live music.

We also want to be totally transparent when it comes to the dealings of Here/Hear. In this vein, this is a link to our financial statements through Guidestar. We welcome any questions or concerns that you have. You will notice, though, two things: first, we have only been a nonprofit since July 2016, so this only represents half of the year and, second, we do not have anyone on salary as of yet. We are that committed to the work of Here/Hear. So, we welcome any questions or concerns or donations that you might like to make.