Hello everyone,

This is Nate Crawford, Executive Director of Here/Hear. I want to take the blame for a recent screw up on our part. We sent out a sponsorship letter that was actually a rough draft. I did something I normally do not and I saved two different drafts of the letter. I printed the wrong one, then I sent it out not realizing it was the wrong one. This is the correct letter. Again, I apologize profusely because this looks poorly on Here/Hear. I made a mistake and I am sorry for any confusion or misunderstanding. Below is the correct letter and I hope you will pass it around.

To all interested entities,

I am writing today as the Executive Director of Here/Hear and asking for your support as we help people in Marshall County. One of the ways we are doing so is putting on a music and arts festival, entitled Hear Festival, that will raise awareness for our cause while giving people a creative outlet to express themselves. We are asking you to consider making a donation to sponsor Hear Festival.

First, though, it would be pertinent to detail what Here/Hear is. We are a 501c3 organization based out of Plymouth, IN. Our work entails giving hope to those with mental illness and their loved ones through three distinct, but interconnected, ways. First, we are an organization based upon advocacy and education. We design and lead workshops on a number of topics related to living with a mental illness, suicide prevention, being a loved one of a person with mental llness, etc. The goal is to educate communities in ways that are creative, yet effective. Second, we have made a concerted effort to effect positive change in our schools. Our executive director, Nate Crawford, has spoken to many schools and students about mental illness and what can be done to do something positive. In that vein, we are also developing a curriculum that would help identify students that may be at risk. We want to give this curriculum to every school that believes it needs it, free of charge. Third, we support the arts. It is our belief, and studies show, that the arts help people connect, especially those suffering from mental illness. Thus, we use the arts as a place where all people can gather together and enjoy life by feeling part of and connected to something larger. Here/Hear uses the three of these in concert to better the lives of those living with mental illness and their loved ones.

Now, what are we asking of you? Well, every year we put on a music and arts festival called Hear Festival. This year it is at River Park Square on July 27 from 2pm to 8pm in Plymouth, IN. This festival is a way for us to do a great event that brings awareness to those struggling with mental illness, gives hope to them, and creates a safe environment to discuss ways to overcome stigma and discrimination. The festival contains a number of musical acts, as well as a number of vendors. In all, we believe we have created a very unique event not only for Plymouth, but for all of Northern Indiana. 

This year we are doing something a little different. Instead of charging for tickets, we are simply taking donations. We want everyone that wants to enjoy the festival and everyone that needs support to be able to come. In order to put on such a great festival, though, we need some help. Your sponsorship not only helps us put on a great music and arts festival, but also funds our other initiatives, which include speaking to high schools, doing training workshops for teachers and counselors, running suicide awareness and prevention trainings, advocating for those with mental illness, and more. Your sponsorship helps us do all of these things and do them at a high capacity.

We have four different tiers (listed on the next page) for those who want to be a general sponsor of Hear Festival. All tiers will have promotion on social media and a sign at the festival. Higher tiers will gain more benefits. 

We would ask that all sponsorships be sent to us by July 1, 2019 in order for us to properly prepare the sponsorship signs and social media presence. We want to ensure that everyone gets the full worth of their sponsorship.

Lastly, all funds that are donated go to the work of Here/Hear. With this in mind, any funds not used for the festival specifically can and will be used for the general mission of Here/Hear to help the mentally ill and their loved ones. With this in mind, though, all contributions are tax deductible per the regulations of Here/Hear operating as a 501c3. You will receive a receipt at the end of the year. We hope that you will partner with us as we look to make a lasting impact in our communities.

If you have any questions, any at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Nate Crawford

Executive Director, Here/Hear


[email protected]


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Hear Festival Sponsorship

_____Platinum Sponsorship ($1,000)

_____Gold Sponsorship ($500)

_____Silver Sponsorship ($250)

_____Bronze Sponsorship ($100)

Please mail check or money order in with form to 


704 S Michigan St, 

Plymouth, IN 46563

Contact us about paying with credit card.