Here Hear announces writing contest for high school students

Here Hear is a 501c3, nonprofit organization based out of Plymouth, IN. The mission of Here Hear is to give hope and support to those who are affected by mental illness. This includes not only those people who are struggling with mental illness, but also their loved ones and caretakers and friends and coworkers.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This year, Here Hear is holding a writing contest for high school students (grade 9-12). The driving question for the writing contest is: How can mental health care be even better in school? We ask that the writing sample be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. It can be submitted by email to [email protected]. The goal of the essay is not to criticize schools’ efforts to help with mental illness and mental health care, but to offer creative ideas that can be used to combat issues of teen suicide, opioid addiction, drug addiction, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, and more.

The essay contest will award three awards. The winner will be given a $100 VISA Gift Card, the runner-up will be given a $50 VISA Gift Card, and the third place finisher will be given a $25 VISA Gift Card. These three will also be invited to share their essay at our annual Hear Festival on Aug. 4, with each getting complimentary tickets for themselves and their immediate family.

The essays are due by 11:59pm EST May 4. Everyone will be notified by May 25. The committee deciding the winners will consist of Here Hear board members, teachers, and other pertinent people. If you have any questions, please contact Nate Crawford at [email protected]

In order to submit, we do ask that everyone sign the waiver below. By signing the waiver, the person submitting a paper and/or his/her guardian agrees to allow Here Hear to use the essay as they see fit, including posting it on their website and social media accounts.


I hereby give permission for Here Hear to post my essay in different places, including their website, social media sites, and anywhere else. Here Hear will not make any money from this and if it ever does sell the essay, the below and Here Hear will enter into a new contract that pays the author royalties.


Signature (if over 18) or Guardian’s Signature                                                    Date