I am not usually one to do New Year’s Resolutions. I do not usually find them to be helpful or something that I keep. So, this is a little bit odd for me. But, I am going to write down some New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming year. And I am doing them publicly so that I have some accountability and so that I can refer back to this to let myself and others know how I am doing. And all of these have to do with helping support my mental illness. While I will continue taking my meds, seeing my counselor, going to a psychiatrist, and the like, to be on the road to mental health I need to do more. And this is a list of more. 

So, here goes. 

1. As with most people, I would like to eat healthier. But, I actually need to eat healthier. When I went on my current round of meds, I gained a rather significant amount of weight. This is not unusual. But, I did nothing to really mitigate the fact that the meds would make me gain weight. I need to do something now to lose weight and to eat better. This will actually save me in the long run. (on another note, though, I have to be careful about losing weight because it can have an effect on my meds and screw up my system)

2. I need to exercise. I used to run somewhere between 25 and 45 miles a week. Then I hurt my back. I had to have a spinal fusion surgery and I have not been able to run. Exercise was incredibly helpful to me and my mood stabilization. I need to get back into an exercise routine. I’ve recently been given an elliptical machine and have used that a little. I am ready to start exercising again, but I need to figure out the best way to begin exercising again.

3. Be creative. I have been engaging in more and more creative activity over the last year. I have played music, mainly the bass guitar, for years. I also play a little guitar. And, this last year, I have started to paint abstract art and start to take photos. I’m not good, but I enjoy it and it’s for me. Being creative is something that I do to release some of the “stuff” that is in my head. It gives different perspective. It’s good for me.

4. I am going to set work aside, including my phone, and spend a little more time with my family. I tend to be consumed by my work with Here/Hear and being able to answer every need and query immediately. But, it’s often to the detriment of my three boys and my wife. So, I am going to put work aside once a week and we’ll have some fun as a family. I need that. They need that. It grounds and helps us all.

5. Write. One of the things that I love to do is write and to write for multiple publications. I currently do interviews and write for Gratefulweb.com, which is an online music magazine focusing on the jamband community. I write for The Mighty and Care.com on issues of mental illness, along with inhabiting this space on herehear.org. I’m also working on a few other things that I hope to publish in the next year in different forums. 

So, what are your resolutions? I’d love to hear them.