Here we are with our weekly set of 3 articles from our partners at The Mighty. And, by the way, you should check out the whole website for a lot of great material and support for those struggling with mental illness or those just trying to understand mental illness. They also tell the stories of a lot of people with chronic illnesses not related to mental illness. So, check it out.

Now on to our three articles:

​1. Kanye West’s Psych Evaluation is Not Funny
Can I just say, I am not a real Kanye West fan? I find his antics childish at times and, while some of his music amazes me, it is not my favorite. With that said, anyone going through any sort of mental problems deserves to not be made fun of or to be mocked. They also deserve time to work through it, even Kanye West. 

2. A Look into the Head of Someone with Depression and Anxiety
This is a nice article coming from the perspective of someone who was recently diagnosed with both depression and anxiety. She tells of what it’s like to be in the head of someone with such illnesses. 

3. What It’s Like to Leave the Hospital after a Suicide Attempt
A good article on what it’s like to leave the mental hospital after a suicide attempt and how it is very difficult to get back to normal, everyday life.

4. There Were No Cards After My Daughter’s Suicide Attempt
This is a bonus article, mainly because it is so good on the fact that our society still stigmatizes mental illness and suicide, as well as people treat mental illness in children as something to be fixed rather than something to be managed.