After an interesting week, here are some articles from The Mighty that help us understand and support those with mental illness. 

1. 32 Things to Know about Taking Medication for Mental Illness
This is a nice piece from The Mighty that shows the experience of 32 people in regards to taking medication for mental illnesses. Psychiatric medications are not always “nice,” but they are often helpful.

2. 21 Texts to Send to People with Anxiety
This is a nice article about how to support a person struggling with an anxiety disorder. These are a series of text message that are supportive without being too “pushy.”

3. 3 Hardest Questions to Ask as a Therapist in Regards to Suicide
This is an article from the perspective of a therapist, who details how difficult it is to ask a teenager (or anybody) if they are contemplating suicide. It is helpful for those of us who want to intervene in possible suicides.