Here are some good articles for World Mental Health Day. The idea behind World Mental Health Day this year is “Psychological First Aid.” 

1. An Apology to People with Depression
This is a nice article about how well people tend to “wellsplain” to people with depression. This is a an apology for doing so.

​2. On What Someone Needs When They Can’t Function
This is an article about how one feels when they have terrible anxiety and can’t function. And this offers some helpful tips on what someone needs when in the throes of crippling mental illness.

3. The Pain in Hearing ‘Suicide is Preventable
​A good article on how it hurts, as someone who has lost a person to suicide, to hear that ‘suicide is preventable.’ Now, I would caveat by saying suicide is preventable and your loved ones suicide could have been stopped, but there’s nothing we can do about that now. We must simply try to prevent the next one and the next one.