Here are the stories from The Mighty for this week. These are good stories that continue the work that Here/Hear does and continues our partnership with the good people at The Mighty. So, check these out and let us know what you think.

​1. When Suicide Doesn’t End in Death or a Hospital Stay.
This is a good story about one boy/man’s multiple attempts at suicide, none of which ended in his death or a hospital stay. These are the unnoticed suicide attempts, the ones no one knows about.

2. The “Not Sick Enough” Stigma
This article does a nice job of detailing the “problem” of having a mental illness but not seeming “sick” or “sick enough” to the people around you and the people you encounter. Of course, sick is sick and this type of stigma is as dangerous as every other kind.

3. Taking Medication for Mental Illness is Not a Weakness
This is a nice article about the feeling that many people have that taking a medication for their mental illness is a source of weakness. Of course, it is not. And no one should feel bad or ashamed or like they are weak for taking a medication that helps them.