This is our weekly edition of articles coming from The Mighty. I chose three articles this week that deal with suicide. I chose the three dealing with suicide for two reasons. The first is that my hometown is dealing with the death of a teenager by suicide in the last few weeks, there were at least two other teens in the town I go to church in who attempted/died by suicide, and I know of another couple of suicide attempts. Suicide is a problem that is not going away. As stats suggest more suicides are occurring now than in the recent past, we need to deal more thoroughly with the causes and stigma surrounding suicide.

The second reason I chose these articles is that I have heard a few misnomers and misunderstanding about suicide in recent weeks. I hope that this articles can help to clear up some of those. Suicide is a serious health issue and is caused by someone wanting to escape the pain and problems that they currently face. It is disingenuous and dangerous to not confront that feeling head on.

So, here are the articles:

1. The Case against Saying ‘Suicide is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem’

2. When a Suicide Attempt Has No Warning Signs

3. What If Other Deaths Were Discussed Like Suicide?