September 5-11 is National Suicide Prevention Week, culminating with National Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10. The images above are icons you can use for your Facebook profile picture (on the left) and for your Twitter profile pic (on the right). The top pics (the blue and purple ones) are for National Suicide Prevention Week, while the bottom pics (the orange and yellow ones) are for National Suicide Prevention Day.

Suicide is a major problem in the United States. Suicide rates have hit a 30 year high recently. The overall suicide rate rose 24% from 1999 to 2014, affecting many middle aged people the most. As the article states, 42,773 people died by suicide in 2014, compared to 29,199 in 1999. What all of this shows is that suicide is a significant problem in the United States that has not gotten the attention or the adequate funding needed to combat the issue.

Further facts state that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States (and is completely preventable). As well, for every person who dies by suicide, there are 25 suicide attempts. Firearms account for almost 50% of all deaths by suicides and white, middle aged men make the highest percentage population wise of suicide victims. In all, the picture is not pretty.

At Here/Hear, giving people the tools to overcome suicidal ideation and desires is a major part of what we do. The Executive Director, Nate (who is writing this), is also certified by the QPR Institute to do training on how to help suicidal individuals, as well recognizing the signs of someone contemplating suicide (He’d be happy to help your group or do a teaching with your group). In all, our goal is to be a contributing factor in the suicide figures in the United States dropping over the next years.

With that in mind, we are focusing on a theme this year of “Play Your Beat.” This goes along with the idea of rhythm that we explored in a previous post. Finding your rhythm in life, finding the beat that your life bounces along to, is something that is unique to you and no one else can play your beat, can life your life, can make your contribution. So, finding your beat and playing your beat is a major part of what it must mean to live because you are uniquely you and only you have the place, the rhythm to do what you do. 

As we head into some headier space with suicide statistics and overcoming suicide, let’s remember that it’s time to play the beat that is uniquely you. You have to find it, but once you do, you can dance away in a way that is only possible for you. Then you can dance like this guy, who is the only guy who could have thought up something like this and then pulled it off. Find your beat, play your beat, because you’re the only one who can.