You will notice in the Here/Hear Store, we have some bracelets. These bracelets are what we call “Here/Hear Bracelets” because of their representation of a gamut of mental illnesses. They are made by Pura Vida and are high quality. They can be washed in the shower, dishwasher, washing machine, whatever. 

Anyway, again, they use a number of different colors and we’ve received some questions about what the different colors represent. So, here is a post with a couple of graphics relating to what mental illnesses are on the bracelets. 

Our bracelets, like all of our products, go to help us accomplish our mission of helping the mentally ill and their loved ones. We are in the process of setting up multiple Here/Hear Groups, our peer-to-peer support groups that are so effective and giving a place of belonging to the mentally ill. We have been asked to do some workshops and deliver speeches on mental illness. Nate recently just finished training through the QPR Institute to not only be able to recognize suicidal behavior in others, but also train people to recognize those same suicidal behaviors. He can offer workshops on this now. And, we have Hear Festival coming up, where we will use the arts to bring awareness to mental illness. 

In all, we have exciting things happening and people are really excited to partner with us and/or have us come in and present our program. This is a real blessing because our work is not in vain, but the reality is that we need funds to do it. So, we sell bracelets and T-shirts and tickets to music and arts festivals and we solicit donations. All of that helps us help the people in our world often forgotten or pushed aside.